Canada has IPTV – Whats next?

iptv canada


You read that title right, Canada is on the break of IPTV and its hitting the market like mad. Your probably wondering what the big fuss is about. Well if you don’t already know what IPTV is, I’ll let you in a little secret. IPTV Canada means you are going to be cutting the cord to your big cable company by the time you finish reading this blog post.

You might be think, you gotta be crazy. Well maybe I am, but maybe I’m not. How much do you really spend on cable services each month. I know for me I chucked Bell, Rogers, and Eastlink up to 200 dollars some months. You know when you got to pay for those premium channels like AMC so you can watch The Walking Dead, and they charge you out the you know what for the next package up. Been there done that, and will not be going back there anymore.

IPTV Canada – Cut the Cord

So whats the big deal, your saying. Well the big deal is that you are now going to be able to get those premium channels and a whole lot more for only 20 dollars per month. Yeah you read that right, not 200. I did not miss a zero there, just in case you are wondering. Twenty bucks get you from 1400 – 4400 channels from all over the globe. Eh.. I know what your thinking, and no its not crappy channels from places you have never heard of.

You will get channels like HBO, CBS, NBC, PPV CHannels, (never miss a fight) oh yeah… plus all the local channels in Canada like CTV, CBC, NTV, Global, CityTv and more. Were talking better service then you have ever seen before for a fraction of the cost. So whats the catch, there is no catch. It is what it is. And all it is, is 20 bucks a month for a pile of channels that you would normally pay 200 for.

iptv channel guide for canada

How do you pay for such a great service. Best thing about these companies is that they are so easy to pay for. If you have a credit card or paypal account, your good to go. I usually pay for mine up front for about 3 months. Plus you save and can even get it cheaper.

So whats the best service to have? To be honest I could not tell you, but certainly know the guy that can. His name is Jonathon and he runs a website called BestBox. I will leave a link below in the resource section to so you can check him out. He has great tutorials on Android Tv boxes and tutorials for IPTV as well. You wont go wrong with his site, plus the support is out of this world.

Anyways, I think I have explained enough about this awesome service, and Im so glad to be able to say that IPTV has made it to Canada and its spreading like fire. All I can say to companies like BELL is suck the big one brother. You have ripped us off long enough and its about time we finally have so choice and you have some competition.


Im out of here. Take care.


Jeffery Scott – Tech Blogger